"Innovation to the future" - Three pillars of the mid-term management strategy

1.Further pursuit of mechatronics

We Sanmei Electronics are innovating the Only-one technology as a speciallized manufacturer of electronical control, precision robot, nano-microfabrication with the core technology of motion control.
Rather than the mass production like big companies, we are willing to focus on making the customers' satisfaction.
We will further focus not only on manufacturing electric control units, but also on the development of mechatronics technological products such as
1.Servo control and the parallel link robot development
2.Ultra-precision micro-nano processing equipment development
3.Precise cut mini robot development

2.Raising of our original product ratio

We will pull up the ratio of our original product to 50%.

3.Pursuit of "Made in Japan, Made at Sanmei"

More and more makers are moving their production base to foreign countries, but we are willing to keep manufacturing at the best place and environment for our skilled employees.
Our products have been used and loved by our customers around the world, but in order to keep providing high quality products and our high technological capabilities, we are not going to move our production base to overseas.
We consider that we can satisfy our customers and ourselves by making products in cooperation by our employees who have been brought up to have high technical capabilities.
So, we will focus on the development of human resources also in the future.

 Contributions for the development of regional, and global society

 [Regional contribution] Small kindness movements

These are the volunteer activities which have been performed throughout the country by the slogan in "Let's do the kindness, so it becomes the habit of society".
Every year, we participate in the environmental beautification actions such as the Okitsu River cleanup, the Miho-no-matsubara sandy beach cleanup, the area park cleanup and we are doing an area cleanup in the city. we are promoting business activities in close contact with the region by deepening exchanges with local residents.
Small kindness movements
Small kindness movements
Small kindness movements
Small kindness movements

 [Regional contribution] Participation in the Shimizu Port Festival

The Shimizu Port Festival "Minato-Kppore" dance performance is the large-scale citizen dance performance which exceeds 20,000 participants in total held in every summer.
Every year, mainly the young staff of Sanmei group participate in the dance performance of the Shimizu port festival. On the day, even the staffs who don't participate in the dance performance run to the cheering and liven the biggest summer festival in Shimizu.

Shimizu Port Festival
Shimizu Port Festival

 [Global contribution] Company tours of the Nepal junior high school students

We accepted the junior high school students company tour from Nepal. In our technical center, they were curious about how the advanced equipment worked. We hope that touching the Japan's advanced manufacturing technology will be a motive for them to contribute to the technological development of Nepal and the world in the future.

Company tours of the Nepal junior high school students
Company tours of the Nepal junior high school students

 Activities for reducing environmental impact

In order to reduce the load on the global environment, we are making efforts to recycle paper and reduce paint waste and so on in all business locations.
For example, through separate collection of used paper from other waste without exception, we are working to recycle paper.
In addition, as for coating, we are considering environment by increasing the ratio of powder coating which is environmentally friendly because the amount of waste can be reduced, also by introducing non-drainage facilities.
We are also working to reduce the consumption of the electricity, gas and water.

 Activities for quality improvement

 QC activities in small groups

We think that to produce better quality products, all the employees need to brainstorm their ingenuity and wisdom. Therefore, we are promoting "the small group activity" as a part of the quality control action.
This is the activity that the employees team up with several people, decide each theme and goal, extract the problems around them, and make and take the countermeasures.
By this activity, in addition to the enhancement of the productivity and the quality, by letting out ideas from the employees and executing them, all the members can feel worth doing and the sense of achievement, and the workplaces will be activated.
Also, we hold a debriefing of activities on a company-wide basis in half a year, and give awards to excellent teams.
This activity has activated internal communications, and also rise motivation, and produced a virtuous cycle to day-to-day operations.
QCWe discuss the problems of the daily work and improvement proposals in small groups, and make concrete action plans.
QCOnce in six months, we hold a debriefing of excellent teams.
QCExcellent teams will be awarded.
QCThe efforts of each team are posted on the wall.

 Improvement proposal system

We have adopted the improvement proposal system.
This is the system that our employees can propose improvement plan to the company if there are inconveniences and problems in everyday business.
This system makes us possible to solve the small internal problems and create a comfortable working environment.
A lot of employees use improvement proposal system. Nearly 600 of proposals are drafted within a year by about 100 employees, and they have been newly adopted to the daily operations and utilized to the improvement of quality, productivity, and cost reduction.


Masanori Kubota (Kiyoji factory, manufacturing group, Inspection team) won Ingenuity merit prize for Science and Technology by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in 2014, in [Improvement of the process of searching electrical components for control panels], as "contributed to the improvement of technology in the workplace by the excellent ingenuity".
Masanori Kubota
Masanori Kubota

 Stability of employment, and activities for employees' satisfaction

 Fair Evaluation and Treatment

We are making an effort to make the mechanism that the employees can play an active part vividly.
Human Resources Department and the president are reported about the situation of employees in the field at any time, and the employees who played an active part are awarded the "President's Award" once in every six months.
We are taking measures which improves the work rewarding of the employees by the evaluation with high degree of the employees' consent such as to let the president grasp the situation on-site by providing the employees opportunities to talk directly with the president.

 Human resource development and the right person in the right place assignment

New employees are well-trained at each section of the company for one year, and after the president interviewed their needs directly, we assign them in the right places.
Because this makes them possible to play the active parts in the assigned places which suit their aptitude more, we are during renewal of the record of zero resignation within 3 years.
By all the study and training for further raise of their capability, we are always making efforts to the human resource development. The retention rate of employees is maintained very high by taking close communication with employees regularly with the heads of the departments. If there is a department where they can demonstrate their ability more, we recommend transfer so that they can work in satisfied environment.
Internal study meetingInternal study meeting
Internal study meetingInternal study meeting

 Securement of relieved, safe and comfortable work environment

In order to reduce the burden of the employees, and to ensure a safe and comfortable working environment, we are making the appropriate capital investment.
In addition to paying attention to hygiene, we achieve a clean work environment.
Clean and safe work placeClean and safe work place is achieved.
Clean and safe work placeClean and safe work place is achieved.

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