Cuty Pair

Cuty Pair
Cartesian robots dedicated controller

Cuty Pair

Cuty Pair is the controller dedicated to the cartesian robots which enables the positioning control with the motor that is the function required by cartesian robots, and the sequential control to realize the robot apparatus functions with one board.
With just a simple motion programming, you can achieve a robot system with high degree of freedom by yourself.

1. Up to four axes of linear interpolation (simultaneous 4-axis), circular interpolation (select two axes) are possible!
2. MemoBus protocol can be connected to the corresponding touch panel!
3. Easy to build robot systems that meet customers' needs!


1. Motion function

Cuty Pair
It has the program capacity of 16000 steps and the data register of 16000 words which are suitable for desktop type robot control, and achieves the maximum cost performance.
As for I / Os, 32/32 points can be set and further 32/32 I/Os expansion is possible with the main control board.
Customers can edit the sequence ladder with a dedicated ladder editing software P-LAD.

2. Communication function

It is possible to connect to our servo driver "Cuty Axis3" or stepping driver "Si servo" by using the RS422(RS485).
This makes it possible to monitor the status information such as the drive state of the motor, display the parameter information on the touch panel, and also utilize in the PLC function.

3. Touch panel

MemoBus protocol can be connected to the corresponding touch panel.
The customers who are planning to build a robot system can improve the end user's operability by yourself by this. You can also carry out the construction of a man-machine interface of the robot system to suit the entire device easily.

4. Control constitution

Control configuration
As for control constitution, motion controller (ME) and the sequence controller (PLC) have been installed in the CutyPair board.

Serial interface
Equipped with a serial (RS232C · 422 · 485), you can build a MMIF with personal computers for ladder editing and touch panel. Also it is possible to connect our servo products CutyAxis, or Si servo.

Motion controll
From the ME unit it is possible to output pulse of the maximum frequency 2Mpps, and it enables the motion control of up to four axes. Also by our original programming method MTAB, it is also possible to carry out the program operation.

Input: 32, output: 32 are the standard equipment.
Up to a maximum of 64/64 points control is possible by extending 32/32 I / Os to the outside.

Sequence control
The sequence control is possible with the built-in PLC function.
We offer our original tool PLAD for ladder editing.

5. Motion programing

Motion programing
Programming with MTAB

CutyPair is basicaly adopting a motion programming method using the G language. But the G language is for such as the machine tools and the experience is needed, therefore we developed MTAB as the user-friendly method fits to Cartesian robots.
(This table on the left is a part of the correspondence table of the G language and MTAB.)

6. Ladder programing

Ladder programing
Programming with PLAD

We provide the tool to create ladder software on the personal computer.
It has the function to help customers to debug such as an online monitor, a device monitor, a wave-form monitor by the criteria.
The PLAD is also used in our motion controller "Typhoon".


Specifications QTP-001 QTP-002
Hardware Specifications Input power DC24V±10% (0.5Amax)
Operating temperature 0 to 50℃
Communication method Host device RS-232C communication: Ladder editing and parameter settings using a PC.
Indicator RS-422: touch panel, etc., MEMOBUS protocol
Servo driver RS-485:Communicate with Cuty Axis,Si servo. -
Control input Number of Channels 32 points: Photo-coupler input
* can be expanded up to a maximum of 64 points
Control output Number of Channels 32 points: Photo-coupler output
* can be expanded up to a maximum of 64 points
Manual pulser Counter input Power supply: 5V (internal current consumption: 0.2Amax)
Dedicated input and output Input: 7 points, Output: 1 point
(The same as the control input and output for specifications)
Servo control Counter input Servo ready, alarm, in-position
Counter output Servo on, origin start, alarm reset
Position feedback input Communication Line receiver
90 ° phase difference 2-phase pulse train
Command pulse output Method Line driver, 90 ° phase difference 2-phase pulse train
Frequency 1pps~2Mpps (Multiplied by 4)
Motion Function Specifications Maximum number of control axis 4-axis
Control method Position control
Operation program G code
Automatic feed Positioning (PTP), linear interpolation (simultaneous 4-axis),
Circular interpolation (selection 2-axis), helical interpolation
Manual feed Manual feed (JOG), step feed, homing, manual pulser (1ch)
Command unit pulse
Maximum command position ±2147483647
Speed command unit pulse/sec(pps)
Acceleration and deceleration function Linear acceleration and deceleration
Override function Rapid-traverse override: 0 to 100% (16 steps)
Cutting feed override: 0 to 150% (16 steps)
Manual feed override: 0 to 100% (16 steps)
PLC機能仕様 Program method Relay symbol system
Program memory FLASH ROM
Program capacity 16000 steps
Arithmetic processing speed Basic instruction 1.2μsec / step
Constant scan 10-200msec (5msec unit)
Basic instruction 24 kinds
Application command 80 kinds
Input(X) 1024
Output(Y) 1024
Internal relay(M) 16000
Timer(T) 1024 * low speed (1000msec), medium speed (100msec), high-speed (10msec)
Counter(C) 1024,Up counter
Data register 16000 words
Battery backup The holding area is set by the user parameters. (external battery backup)
* The contents of this specification are subject to change without prior notice for product improvement.

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