Si servo

Si servo
Low cost motor equipped with high-performance servo control

Si servo

Si servo is a completely new stepping servo system, which is developed in order to achieve a low cost high performance servo drive.
Si servo is possible to perform high-precision positioning in a smooth and quiet operation.
It will also exhibit sufficient performances even in applications that require an agile behavior in high tact.

 As for the stepper motor, we overcame three impossible problems.

1. Full equal pitch positioning
2. Low vibration operation
3. Step-out less


1. An equal pitch positioning by the database correction control is achieved.

The stop position accuracy after the database correction and the position gap
Control method of Si servo is not just a micro-step control.

It is equipped with the encoder and the memory element to the rear of the motor.
The encoder position information and the current feedback of one revolution 400 pulse resolution are set as the standard. Further, because motor-specific data is stored in the memory at the factory, and the actual stopping accuracy is hiked up to 10000 pulse encoder equivalent by the precise database correction type control method which compensate and inhibit at the time of the motor drive, high-speed, high-precision (equal pitch per pulse) positioning has been realized that had been considered as impossible by the micro-step control.

2. Low-vibration operation is achieved under the characteristic data of the motor.

Speed and amplitude
Cogging torque and torque ripple occur due to the processing of the motor and the assembling accuracy, which become a major factor of inhibiting low vibration and high precision positioning.

Si servo measures accurately to understand motor-specific data and the positioning accuracy during micro-step control which adversely affect to these control.
The database of the optimal current waveform is stored in the memory at rear of the motor, and it is transferred to the driver through the encoder cable when the power is turned on to give an optimum correction current instruction at high speed during motor operation, and therefore the vibrating element of the motor is removed significantly.

3. Points table operation

Point table operation
Si servo has a built-in positioning function as well as the Cuty-Axis.

While position control is performed by a pulse train position command from the host controller for a typical generic servo driver, Si servo is possible to make the program operation using the point table data (maximum 256 points) that is stored in the internal memory by the external control inputs or the communication command.

Of course the position control by pulse train as the normal servo drivers is also possible.


Driver specifications

Models Si-02LDE Si-02DE Si-05LDE Si-05DE
Application motor TS3692N61S02 TS3641N61S02
TS3653N325S04 TS3653N327S04
Rated output current (A0-p) 0.35 2 2 5
Maximum output current (A0-p) 1.05 6 6 13
Control method Transistor PWM (sine wave drive)
Allowable load inertia 20 times of motor inertia
Feedback Incremental encoder 200ppr (motor models ending with S02)
Incremental encoder 400ppr (motor models ending with S04)
Outline dimensions (mm) W39, H70, D55 W58.2, H76, D98
Outline Mass (kg) 0.18 0.34
Power supply Feed
voltage (V)
Motive power DC24V±10% or DC36V±10%
Control power DC24V±10%
Rated power supply current (A) 0.35 2 2 5
Maximum power current (A) 1.05 6 6 13
Position command system 3 mode pulse train, and communication by RS485, control input, the point table
Operating conditions Operating temperature 0 to +50 ℃
Storage temperature -20 to +85 ℃
Operation and storage humidity Less than 90% RH (non-condensing)
Vibration resistance 0.5G
Shock resistance 2G
Built-in function Dynamic brake function No
Regeneration capability Connectable to external regenerative processing circuit
Overtravel prevention function Hardware OT, software OT (Select the Enable / Disable by the parameter)
Pulse command resolution 1/65,535 to 65,535
Internal speed setting function Points table movement speed, Juck speed, homing speed
Display function LED 1 (alarm display)
Input and output Input Control input 5 points (select a function by parameter)
Command pulse input CW / CCW, PULSE / SIGN, A / B-phase input (selected by parameter)
Maximum response frequency 750kpps
Output Control output 3 points (select a function by parameter), the brake release signal
Protective function EEPROM error, encoder error, system failure, overcurrent
Driver overheating, excessive position deviation, motor power failure, control power failure
Homing method Input the origin LS signal or push against the machine end
(Select from the 7 methods by parameter)
Multi-axis connection function Multi-drop of up to 15 axes by RS485
Setting method Parameter settings using PC (RS485 converter is required)
Standards, environmental compatibility, protection grade UL compliance / CE (self-declared) / Lead-Free / IP40
Options Cable (PG, 3m, 5m, 10m are the standards for motive power, 3m is the standard for the others),
Monitoring software, decelerator, regenerative kit
* The contents of this specification are subject to change without prior notice for product improvement.


Option name Models m number Application driver
Motor cable Si-MCB03M 3 For Si-02LDE, Si-02DE
Si-MCB05M 5
Si-MCB10M 10
Si-MCBHC03M 3 For Si-05LDE, Si-05DE
Si-MCBHC10M 10
Encoder cable Si-ECB03M 3 For all
Si-ECB05M 5
Si-ECB10M 10
Power supply cable Si-PWBC03M 3 For Si-02LDE, Si-02DE
Si-PWBC05M 5
Si-PWBC10M 10
Si-PWBHC03M 3 For Si-05LDE, Si-05DE
Si-PWBHC10M 10
I/O cable Si-IOB03M 3 For all
Si-IOB05M 5
Si-IOB10M 10
RS485 master cable Si-RSM03M 3 For all
Si-RSM05M 5
Si-RSM10M 10
RS485 slave cable Si-RSS 0.5 For multi-drop
Regenerative cable Si-RGVC 1 For all
Brake cable Si-BRK03M 10 For a motor with a brake
Si-BRK05M 3
Si-BRK10M 5
Connector kit Si-CNK02 - For Si-02LDE, Si-02DE
Si-CNK05 - For Si-05LDE, Si-05DE
Regenerative capacitor kit Si-RGVCK - For all

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