Cuty Aligner

Cuty Aligner
The standalone version high-precision UVW stage alignment system

Cuty Aligner

Cuty Aligner is a stand-alone system to manipulate the UVW axis stage for alignment manually.
It is optimal not only for "the visual observation manual alignment operation" when an automatic alignment isn't possible, but also for "the remote operation alignment activity" in the special area where the human being can not enter.

 The manual operating system by the XYθ/UVW coordinate transformation controller.

1. The simple structure by UVW stage adoption.
2. Easy manual operation by Joy stick
3. Automatic operation by a point table is possible.


1. The simple structure by UVW stage adoption.

UVW stage
In various alignment mechanism, adopting UVW stage can realize the machine configuration which is simpler than the conventional XYθ stacking axis stage, but on the other side "calculation / contol of the movement-directive of the 3-axis composition" are complicated and troublesome to design.

Cuty-Aligner solves the troublesome designing and it can be easily operated manually.

2. Easy manual operation by Joy stick

Joy stick
It is possible to manipulate the XY direction with the "Joy stick", and the θ direction (rotation) with the "rotary knob". The "rotary knob" can be used at the same time with the "Joy stick".
It is possible for the Joy stick to move a diagonal direction, too. (Stick down angle and speed interlock function is built in.)

It can be accurately moved to the target position by the speed setting with the switches of "fast", "slow", "step". (Each speed can be set with the system parameters.)

3. Point table operation

Point table operation
Cuty-Aligner has a built-in positioning function.
By the external control input and communication command, it is possible to make the program operation using the point table data stored in the internal memory (up to 256 points).


Feed voltage AC100V±10% 50/60Hz
Ambient air temperature 0 to 50℃
Cooling system Built-in Air cooling fan
Number of controlled axes 3 axes (UVW)
Corresponding stage NAF3C-10P, NAF3C-16P, NAF3A-01, NAF3A-02
(all made by HEPHAIST SEIKO Co.)
Moving range Depending on the connecting stage.
(in case of NAF3C-16P: -3.0000mm to +3.0000mm, -3° to +3°)
Command resolution 100nm, 0.001°
Command system Built-in point table
(Start up with the external input, the serial communication command, and the touch-pannel.)
Manual operation with the operation box
(Order with the joystick, the manual pulser, the touch-pannel).
The external pulse-string input (The XYθ each axis command)
Teaching function Up to 256 points of the point table data
Overtravel prevention function Hardware OT, software OT
Homing system Origin sensor method
External input signal 10 points. Signal function selection system
Point start, origin start, pause, reset, emergency stop
External output signal 10 points. Signal function selection system
Automatic operation, homing is completed, ready for operation, the origin signal, alarm
Alarm Emergency stop, OT, system malfunction, memory error, homing failure
Display function Various monitor by touch panel, Data editing
Automatic positioning function Positioning by a command from the image processor and so on (RS232C communication command)
External dimensions Control box: W260mm, H19mm, D330mm
Operation box: W270mm, H90mm, D230mm
Weight Control box: 7kg, Operation box: 1.6kg
* The contents of this specification are subject to change without prior notice for product improvement.

 Operation box constitution

Display / Edit Touch panel
· Point table operation start / pause / reset button
· Operation mode switching button
(Jog operation mode H / jog operation mode L /
Step operation mode / automatic operation mode)
· Home Return start / pause / reset button
· Alarm reset button
- Parameter / point table data editing
- Various monitor (current position XYθ, automatic operation point number, alarm)
Switches Joy Stick X-axis Y-axis, 7 stage speed switching for each direction.
Manual pulser For θ axis
Emergency stop switch The excitation release of the motor by the emergency stop input.
* Home return is required after an emergency stop.

* The contents of this specification are subject to change without prior notice for product improvement.

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